Wise Security Global showcases its innovative credential wallet for Betmedia platforms

Wise Security Global, a leading cybersecurity company in Spain, and Betmedia, a technology-based company specialized in gambling, trading, financial products and entertainment, have presented at the Securmática 2023 Congress their solution for identity and access management with Wise DID Authenticator. The verification of identities and access management of thousands of profiles in the world of gambling and betting through Wise DID Authenticator, allow Betmedia to ensure the demanding regulatory compliance of its sector. 

Since 1990, Securmática has become the showcase for new developments and innovations in the world of cybersecurity, information security and privacy in Spain. In this year’s edition, Wise Security Global wanted to present the first use case of Wise DID Authenticator, a software based on Decentralized Digital Identity (DID) that verifies the identity of a user or device and manages access to a protected system or resource. 

Due to the demanding legal regulations surrounding the gambling market, Betmedia decided to find a way to ensure, with total veracity, that users accessing the site are of legal age in all cases, and that they do so without committing identity fraud. Thanks to Wise Did Authenticator® and its decentralized blockchain credential technology, the problems of traditional identity and access control systems are solved. Users access platforms with greater security in the management of their identity, while the platform complies with stringent regulations by being able to unequivocally verify the age of its users

According to Daniel Fernandez, CEO & Founder of Betmedia, “We are committed to regulatory compliance and the safety of our users, especially in the gambling market. Our priority is to ensure that no minors access our services. With the implementation of the blockchain-based decentralized identity credential authenticator developed by Wise Security Global, we have taken a significant step towards total veracity and identity fraud prevention. This allows us to comply with demanding legal regulations and ensure fast, agile and secure access.” 

The project developed by Wise Security Global for Betmedia is born in Ceuta and with the help of the accelerator Ceuta Open Future has been selected among more than 300 applications, as an innovative project. The initiative involves different platforms of the brand such as MiTipster and Bestfy for the implementation of this technology. Likewise, Ceuta Open Future and its accelerated companies have the support and validation of the Autonomous City of Ceuta. Daniel Fernández emphasized that “it is an honor to have been selected by the Ceuta Open Future accelerator among hundreds of applications as an innovative project. This reflects our commitment to technological innovation and continuous improvement. We deeply appreciate the support provided by the Autonomous City of Ceuta to innovative and technological initiatives such as ours. This strengthens our determination to lead in regulatory compliance and security in the gambling industry, ensuring the veracity of the age of majority of our users.” 

With the presentation of this first success story, Wise DID Authenticator takes another step forward in its commercial development. This milestone is in addition to the award given to Wise Security Global by One Identity as Innovation Partner of the Year 2023, thanks to the integration of Wise DID Authenticator with One Login, One Identity’s access solution. 

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