Wise Security among Gartner’s most impactful technology companies in 2024

Wise Security has been named as one of the most impactful technology companies in 2024 according to Gartner. This distinction is included in the recent study “Emerging Tech Impact Radar 2024” published by the prestigious international technology consulting firm. The spanish company Wise Security is singled out as a reference provider within Decentralized Identity, together with other internationally renowned brands such as IBM.

In this document, Gartner sets out the technologies that will have the greatest impact in 2024, and offers product managers around the world a guide to orient their investment and strategic planning around disruptive technologies. According to the study, “the most impactful technologies for 2024 fall into these four themes: the intelligent world, the productivity revolution, privacy and transparency, and critical enablers.”

The Emerging Technologies Impact Radar highlights the technologies and trends that have the most potential to disrupt a wide range of markets. In this document, 30 technology trends are identified, one of them being Decentralized Identity. It is in this section that Wise Security is mentioned as an international reference provider.

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Emerging technology with real use cases

Wise Security has two solutions in the field of decentralized digital identity, both with success stories and in production.

On the one hand, Definitive ID, the self-sovereign digital identity solution based on blockchain, thanks to which users can identify themselves on one or several platforms with their unique ID in a safer, easier way and having sovereign control of their data.

On the other hand, Wise DID Authenticator, a software based on Decentralized Identity used to verify the identity of a user or device and allow or deny access to a protected system or resource. This system allows to ensure the security of the systems and resources it accesses, and thanks to the decentralized digital identity in blockchain provides greater security, privacy, multifactor authentication, flexibility and decentralized identity management.

As Gartner itself highlighted last summer in its Emerging Tech: Revenue Apportunity Projection of Decentralized Identity, Wise has real success stories in decentralized digital identity, highlighting the sports field with the RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation) and Cadiz CF.

Decentralized Digital Identity is taking off: “The use of digital identity wallets to store verifiable credentials is in the near future (three years), with several large-scale pilots underway, such as those aligned with the electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS) regulation, which will have a seismic impact on the speed of adoption,” according to Gartner.

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