Authentication and access control in blockchain


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Wise DID Authenticator is a Decentralized Digital Identity (DID) based software used to verify the identity of a user or device and allow or deny access to a protected system or resource.

It allows to ensure the security of the systems and resources to which it accesses, and thanks to the decentralized digital identity in blockchain it provides greater security, privacy, multi-factor authentication, flexibility and decentralized management of identities.

Definitive ID® the technological base

It is a lifecycle management system for verifiable credentials and self-sovereign digital identity.

It uses blockchain as a decentralization technology.

It allows users identify themselves or share their data on one or more platforms with their unique ID and have control of their data.

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Objectives of Wise DID Authenticator®

Generate a more reliable, secure and easy to integrate
access verification system through decentralised credentials on blockchain.

Reducing cyber-security risks of user access to platforms.

Generate a more user-friendly and usable access system.

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Wise DID Authenticator & OneLogin integration:
New generation of IAM technology.

Wise DID Authenticator®
What does this integration offer?
  • Trusted user authentication
  • Password-free and easy to use
  • Easily integrated
  • Blockchain cryptography
  • Increased security and unbreakability

The integration between One login and Wise DID Authenticator consists of a new generation of IAM technologies for passwordless identification and access management using a decentralized identity system (DID) on blockchain.

First identity and access control system authenticated on decentralized credential technology on blockchain.



Security level

Authentication based on blockchain technology creating a distributed authentication infrastructure

Integrable with other authentication systems

Single-Sign-On across all integrated applications

Variable security levels depending on target users, groups or applications

Dynamic required authentication level based on real-time calculation of the session risk level


Management control and administration level

Integration of an unlimited number of user sources from multiple technologies (AD, LDAP, Databases, CSV, etc.) to create a single repository

Large number of “out-of-the-box” integrable applications

Management of external and internal authentication levels and systems

Single, centralised administration system

Provisioning / de-provisioning functionality for users and accounts on end systems

Digital Identity

Project: Definitive ID®

Members and users of Cádiz CF, with digital identity in Blockchain for all the club’s services

Digital Identity

Project: Definitive ID®

The RFEF launches its Fan Club of the Spanish National Team through an APP with blockchain.

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