We are the guardians
of the cyberspace

We look after your trust and security.


Our purpose

Beyond selling technology, we sell confidence and security. So that you transfer that trust to your clients, materialized in robust and reliable technology: stable environments so that your processes are differential and cybersecure.

For this reason our project is divided in two big technology concepts:

CyberTrust & CyberSecurity

We build CyberTrust

This is our technology division specialised in solutions that demonstrate the digital evidence of any transaction, operation or action that occurs between two parties in the online world. We have a solid platform to offer notifications and biometric signing of documents with complete legal validity, anywhere and at any time.


We create CyberSecurity

We specialise in ethical hacking, managed cybersecurity and the CISOaaS model. We monitor our customers’ online systems and environments, and deter possible attacks while building stable cyber environments.​From our CSOC, we offer a comprehensive and adaptable solution to any public or private organisation, covering all the technological, legal and organisational aspects of cybersecurity. ​

Wise Formula


Our difference is our value. We have an excellent product and solution strategy and a high level of technological development.


Always in constant flux. Our motivation is to adapt all our solutions to new challenges and necessities.


Our technology is built in a solid and robust way to guarantee the security and trust of our customers.


Our experience, expertise, knowledge and talent, have enabled us to become one of the leading brands when it comes to cybersecurity, certification and signatures worldwide.

Be wiser my friend

To be a Wiser means, passion, discipline, creativity, honesty, teamplay, positivity and above all love what you do.

Do you want to be a Wiser? Visit our careers page and join the Wise team.


Certifications and distictions

We want to improve, to be a reference in technological development, reliability and CSR. In short, to be a company for personal and professional development. That is why we seek the trust of relevant institutions at an international level.