Mandatory requirements with the spanish tax authorities

We efectively manage your electronic relationship with the tax authorities

USII is Wise Security Global’s standalone or integrable solution for large and small businesses. To send logbooks to the Spanish Tax Authorities, U SII manages the collection of invoicing summaries for your company. With this information we configure the different Logbooks in near real time. This information is sent electronically through our Web Services based on the exchange of XML messages.

Mandatory requirements in integrable solution



 Invoice and e-ticket solutions of Wise Security Global are integrate all security mechanisms required for secure commercial transactions.

Security and privacy

The security and privacy of all those involved in the process is guaranteed.

No bureaucratic

No bureaucratic processes for your company

Authorised technology

Authory approved by the Public Administration. Wise Security Global has a direct connection to the web services of the Spanish Tax Authorities.

Integrated and adaptable


 It is adaptable to your company’s accounting system and to the format established by the Spanish Tax Authorities.

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Tax Agency requires

It requires the application of a System for the Immediate Supply of VAT Information in the following cases:

For those registered with REDEM (Monthly VAT Return Registry).

For Large Companies (turnover of over €6 million).

For VAT groups. Companies that decide to collectively join this new VAT management model.


Check rates for bulk or specific shipments


USII Technology

We integrate the data extraction of your invoices and tickets with your system



We automate the process, greatly facilitating the creation of logbooks and simplifying the entire area for your company.

If your company already has an electronic invoicing system, the data required by USII is integrated and the process is streamlined.

To further facilitate integration with your system USII is integrated directly into UInvoicer and UTicket.



Large companies


After each invoice, you must send the Tax Agency an electronic summary of the invoices issued and received from the:

Outgoing invoices logbook.

Incoming invoices logbook.

Capital goods logbook.

Specific intra-community operations logbook.

Cash collections logbook.

Insurance operations logbook.

Travel agencies logbook.

Collection supplies logbook.

Payment supplies logbook.










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