Helvetia Biometric signatures and Blockchain notifications: The digital evidence of Helvetia Seguros

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MEE: The Cyber Notary 



The challenge

Through MEE the Cyber Notary (a Wise Security Global solution), Helvetia has laun-ched electronic signature of documents and electronic notifications via certified emails and SMS.

The objectives

  • Improve the signing rate for insured parties.
  • Fostering an innovative image.
  • Implementing multi-channel and multi-device solutions: use of digital certificates and voice biometrics.
  • Greater security when managing signed documents.
  • Cost savings and eradications in administration processes and solid legal guarantee .
  • Shorter execution times and monitoring of the company’s processes.
  • Better experience for users, customers and brokers and Improving social image and environmental impact .

The results

Helvetia has solved the physical signing of documents by both parties (a historical problem in the sector); it shortens the time and effort level when formalising polices, and digitally files customers’ docu-mentation.

The situation

Through its agreement with Wise Security Global, the insurance provider Helvetia has implemented biometrics in the signing of its policies as well as Blockchain certified notifications to insured parties and brokers, as an added layer of security.

The challenge

Initially, Helvetia would sign hard copies of policies, leading to high costs for printing, handling and sending documents. The analogue process was also difficult to integrate into Helvetia’s platforms. In its focus on the customer and excellence, it challenged itself to make the following changes: Cost savings and eradications in administration processes and improving customer impact  and experience for users.

“With the traditional method, in many instances the insured person never actually signed the policy, with the resulting legal risk. Now, Helvetia customers can take out or renew insurance policies using their digital signature in a simple and streamlined process that guarantees the authenticity and legality of the contract. This improves the security of our customers from the very onset of their rela-tionship with Helvetia”.

Víctor Tomás Lizarraga, Head of Digital Strategy and Transformation at Helvetia Seguros.

The solution

This signature process starts either from the Helvetia Seguros website or its brokers’ website:

Phase 1: Insurer’s contract digitally signed. PDF contract with the Helvetia’s digital signature.

Phase 2: Applicant’s sign requested via sms or email.The applicant is requested to sign the contract via sms or email,  by clic.

Phase 3.1: Notification reaches recipient. The notification reaches the applicant and you have the proof that it has been sent, eceived, and read.

Phase 3.2: Minute with  each status evidences: sent, receive, and read. MEE generates a minute with all the evidences collected in the sending process and updates with every new status achieved.

Phase 4: Blockchain technology an extra layer of security. Mee uses blockchain tecnology to provide an extra layer of security to the minutes generated from the notifications sent.

Phase 5: Biometrically signature. At that ponit, they can electronically sing the documentation using voice or hand biometrics or digital certificate and send it back to Helvetia. As an anti-fraud measure, the signature is two-step.

Phase 6: Document custody Wise acts  a trusted third party  and hold all  documents secuerely and indefinitely. Thanks to the electronic evidence, these documents will have probative value in the event of an incident, which will support the legality of the contract for the benefit of the two signatories.

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