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The 100% Trust technology solution for notifications, electronic signature and legal certification on Blockchain.

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A 100% Trust solution that takes care of collecting the digital evidence of a notification, a document or a signature, and certifying it on the blockchain, adding an additional layer of security and transparency. MEE issues notifications for SMS, EMAIL, and BUROFAX. This solution can certify WHAT has been sent, WHO it was sent to, WHEN it was received…staying constantly up-to date and providing several security layers.

MEE solution includes a Blockchain layer of certification

What can it be used for?

Evidence of every step

When you need to communicate important information, confirm that it’s been received, and obtain an evidence of every step.

Certified notifications

Users can send, either en masse or individually, SMS/email/ certified Burofax notifications.

Sign a document

You can attach a PDF document to be signed by handwritten, voice biometric or electronic certificate.

Temporary stamps

Also MEE ads temporary stamps for each change of status that occurs during the sending process, leaving evidence of all the steps in said process.

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Full legal validity

100% Legally Valid. EU Compliant eIDAS.

MEE is protected by Article 25 of the LSSICE (Spain).

This solution is trusted third party recognised by Ministry of Industry of the Goberment of Spain.

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Easy technology

MEE client process


You need to communicate relevant information.

You create a certified notification by via Email/ SMS/ Burofax.

MEE records whether the information has been sent, received and read.

MEE collects all steps of the process in a certified minute.

MEE provides an extra secure layer to the minute with Blockchain.

You can sign the document biometrically or electronic certificate and return it to your business.

Wise Security Global technology verifies the sending and stores it.

Discover our technology

Discover our technology


MINUTES: MEE create a minute with all the evidences and signs it electronically, adding a timestamp every time the status changes as a result of the message sent.

TYPES OF SIGNATURES: electronic certificate, voice biometrics and handwritten biometrics.

CERTIFICATION OF ANY METADATA: MEE is able, over time, to certify the existence of any type of information or metadata included in the sending or any type of attached file.


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Helvetia Biometric signatures and Blockchain notifications: The digital evidence of Helvetia Seguros










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