Protect home networks and secure remote working

The cybersecurity solution to protect remote working


A cybersecurity solution designed with the aim of securing home working networks, creating a fortified environment for the user and their corporate devices. Protection of WiFi access points and associated networks, significantly improving the security level they currently offer. Ethernet cable connection between the “home” router (the ISP Internet Access Provider’s router) and the Haunt Keeper solution’s router.


Protect your company of threats of remote working

What can it be used for?

Secure your  home network

Haunt Keeper is a small device designed to secure home network and protect it from the external threats.

Protect your remote working

Your work devices are conecting to a secure and segmented home network.

Fortify and secure your company

Haunt Keeper prevents cybersecurity issues such as information leaks or ransomware and increases the brand reputation.

No integrations or installations required


Easy installation


Haunt Keeper

1. Connect the cable to the WAN jack of the Haunt Keeper device.

2. Connect the cable to one of the LAN sockets on your home router and make sure it has an internet connection.

3. Plug it into a power source.

4. You will receive a welcome SMS and an email with the details to connect. Connect your work devices to the WiFi network generated by Haunt Keeper.

5. From this moment you already have a connection to a shielded and secure network for all your remote working devices.



Pharma Industry

Economic Sector

Banking sector

Insurance sector

Legal Sector

Academic Sector

Discover our technology

Discover our technology


  • PLUG&PLAY CONNECTIVITY: Haunt Keeper is a genuine plug&play device and requires no prior set-up.
  • SECURE AND MONITORED ACCESS POINT: Secure WiFi access point and Intrusion detection and prevention system.
  • PHYSICAL-LOGICAL SEGMENTATION: It carries out segmentation of the home network with the aim of having a highly secure area (bastion), completely isolated from that generated by the home router.
  • REGULAR ROTATION OF STRONG PASWORDS: It prevents intrusions arising from undue association to the access point by third parties.
  • SECURE BROWSING: This feature protects internet browsing in real time.
  • 24/7 SUPPORT AND DASHBOARD: By Wise Security Global.
  • CERTIFIED NOTIFICATIONS AND COMUNICATIONS: Haunt Keeper uses Mee The Cybernotary. It is key to generating a home cybersecurity environment for the end user.
  • SECURITY ALERTS AND MONTHLY REPORT: The user receives a monthly report on the security alerts generated on the Haunt Keeper device.



Project: Haunt Keeper

Cybersecure networks for leadership at Faes Farma: protection even when working remotely.










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