Protected remote working with Haunt Keeper

When business cybersecurity depends on the home network

Everyone knows that our home networks are highly susceptible to cyberattacks. Unlike corporate networks, home networks do not usually have the necessary level of security and maintenance to guarantee their security, due to a lack of either time or knowledge on the part of their users. It is vital that environments remain protected from cyberattacks, especially when domestic and corporate networks enter into the equation.

The new social paradigm has put the spotlight on the relevance and risks of remote working. This shift has turned CISOs’ security strategies on their heads, as they witness with great concern how, after making major investments in cybersecurity, they must now face remote working networks that have no control and most of which are vulnerable and exposed to cybercriminals. A workstation connected to an insecure network risks putting the entire corporate network at risk.

The current social paradigm resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak has forced many workers and companies to undergo a digital transformation (remote working). Security deficiencies in home networks pose a risk to information assets and endanger the business.

Acting on the weakest link in the asset chain offers a guarantee of success in dealing with cyber security threats. Therefore, guaranteeing security in these networks makes it possible to anticipate and prevent future incidents, such as information leaks or ransomware, which can prove highly costly both financially and in terms of reputation and trust.

For this reason, here at Wise Security Global we have been working non-stop to protect our customers. This has led to the genesis of Haunt Keeper, our cybersecurity solution designed to secure home networks, creating a secure workplace at a highly affordable cost.

This solution includes all the security measures needed to ensure that the work network is protected, such as reinforcing the Wi-Fi access point, fully isolating the network, the tunnelling of communications and even advanced systems for detecting attacks and intrusions.

Haunt Keeper is a small Wi-Fi router designed and configured by Wise Security. After connecting directly via the home router, it works by creating a new, fully secured “work” Wi-Fi network. The device’s configuration on the home network is simple and transparent.

Once connected, the user can work on a secure network that incorporates all the security measures typical of a corporate network, along with other utilities such as VPN connectivity, firewalling, intrusion detection, content filtering, etc.

The rest of the home’s IT/IoT systems will maintain their usual Internet connectivity via the home network, which continues to operate in parallel, but without visibility of the secure network generated by Haunt Keeper.

Every Haunt Keeper router generates a secure VPN tunnel with Haunt Manager, the management and control application that comes with each device that is deployed. Haunt Manager allows Wise Security’s cyber security specialists to remotely manage and configure all Haunt Keeper units that are deployed at any given time. Since Haunt Manager is designed and located in the cloud, the platform even allows companies with mature cybersecurity structures to manage the system, review the alerts or view the indicator panel themselves.

In addition, Haunt Keeper uses electronic certification technology through the electronic notary MEE, also designed by Wise Security. MEE is used in the solution as an anti-phishing measure and to certify the authenticity of any notifications sent to the user.


Haunt Keeper is truly plug & play, as it needs no prior configuration by the company or user and no additional hardware besides the device itself. Furthermore, Wise Security is always on hand to offer its continued supports as a leading technology company in cybersecurity services.

Moreover, Haunt Keeper does not require high investments, as it is based on a flexible model that is fully viable for companies of any size, ranging from large corporations with highly mature cybersecurity systems to micro-enterprises or even individuals and self-employed workers who want to boost the security of their remote work stations.

Iván Sanz de Castro
Security Solutions Manager (Wise Security Global)

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