Governance and management solution

Drydmanager is an advanced modular manager of vulnerabilities in technological infrastructure.


Drydmanager is a governance and management solution madeup of multiple tools. Its main objective is to improve and automate the life cycle of the APP/WEBSITE/IT. It assists with validation management of programmes and servesas a cyber support service.

Drydmanager offers different business functions


Strategy and Metrics

Education and Guidande

Compilance poly


Secutiry Requirements

Threat Assesment

Security Architecture


Design Review

Security Testing

Implementation Review


Environment Management

Operations Management

Problem Management

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Centralised Management = Reducing errors + Reducing Costs

Maximum security

Easy Implementation


Check rates for bulk or specific shipments


How it works

Drydmanager is based on the open source defect dojo system and
serves to optimise the EWASP SAMM methodology



–    With the new S-DLC process, interactions are inefficient and complexities are generated.


–    Drydmanager was developes to manage all these processes.


–    Drydmanager is aimed at large accounts with a high level of cybersecurity maturity.


For operations

Reduces operating costs.
Avoids conflicts of versions of revisions.
Reduction of the error rate.
Secure exchange of credentials.
Monitoring record.
SSO incorporated.

For management

Centralised management.
Multiple supplier/origin.
Optimisation of resources.
Information control.
Secure portal.

For equipment

PO/PM: Live forecast/ Security requirements/Resolution status.

DEVELOPER: Security test/Assistance patch /Monitoring.

SENIOR MANAGEMENT: Live metrics/ Demand control/ Noise reduction.

SEC ANALYST: Security focus/ Diagnostic tool/ Programming and tasks/ Time optimisation.




Project: Mee

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