Cyber Security Operations Center

It´s specialized in the analysis, prevention and solution of problems that arise in the matter of sensitive customer information.


Due to the diversity of cybersecurity threats that companies face today due to the development of technology, it has been necessary to create specialized departments and services in order to protect one of the most valuable assets today for companies: the information.

These cyber attacks are increasingly becoming more complex and sophisticated actions, which is why cybersecurity has become a priority and challenge for companies.

Wise Security Global CSOC

Surveillance and detection

We increase the surveillance and threat detection capabilities in daily activities.


We analyze the cyberattacks or possible threats.


We recover information damaged or lost from previous attacks.


We improve the capacity of response to any attack.

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Wise CSOC offers you



Asset Awareness: extensive knowledge and experience of assets tools and technology at your disposal.

Continuous and proactive monitoring:  we take intentional steps to detect malicious activity before it can cause harm.

Alert classification: we classify alerts as they go receiving.

Adjustment of defenses: we manage vulnerabilities and monitor effectively constant perimeter and internal operations to avoid breaches.

Compliance verification: we comply with the requirements required by law to be able to offer a reliable cybersecurity service.


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Finance, Insurance & Real Estate


Lawyers & Lobbyists










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