A blockchain middleware

It generates a certified record in a Smart Contract.

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Blockchain Stamper

Blockchain Stamper is a blockchain middleware with two main functionalities: It provides anyone who wants to introduce Blockchain technology into their business model with all knowledge and development necessary for the use of such technology. Blockchain Stamper provides a simple layer of WebServices in REST / JSON technology so that the integrator can manage nodes, Wallets, virtual currencies.

Blockchain Stamper “Multi-network” product

What can it be used for?

Applications Companies

Company metadata, credentials, custom configuration.

Smart Contracts Deployments

Each deployment is identified by the hash code corresponding to the Smart Contract saddress in the blockchain. We store transaction metadata by company.

Smart Contracts Executions

Each execution of each deployment is identified by a “transactional hash code” that includes both internal and external references.

Smart Contracts

Creation of exclusive new Smart Contracts defined by each company and use of one of the Smart Contracts of our Wise Library.

Company Users

Identification at the level of the administration console.

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Easy technology

Blockchain process

Blockchain Stamper

1. Your company needs to record a process and wants to use blockchain for this.

2. You choose the smart contract template that fits your needs and deploy it.

3. Once the deployment has been done you will receive the address of the new smart contract deployed.

4. You request an execution of the contract for each operation that you wish to register.

5. Once all the operations have been registered and completed, the minutes of the contract can be requested.

Discover our technology

Discover our technology


  • MULTINET-WORK: BC can act as a broker with different DLT’s allowing our customers to work with all of them from the same interface. The integrated DLT’s are: Ethereum, Aqqum, Alastria.
  • WISE LIBRARY: Offers predefined Smart Contracts templates that can meet most common functionalities. These templates can be deployed in the desired DLT as many times as needed. Also supports the creation of new smart contract templates by users and new Smart contract templates for specific customers needs.
  • NOTARIZATION: BC can create a document with all the transactions, collecting all the relevant information of every execution of the contract. The document Will be signed with an electronic certificate owned by Wise Security Global.
  • SMART CONTRACTS MANAGEMENT: You can deploy a Smart contract template from the Wise Library using the website or the web service interface. Anyway you’ll receive the contract deployment address.


Project: Mee

Credible notifications: crucial for the legal profession.



Project: Mee

Helvetia Biometric signatures and Blockchain notifications: The digital evidence of Helvetia Seguros

Blockchain Stamper
Smart Contract

Electronic certification

Evidence Suit

They trust in Wise Security Global