WISE Security is a tech company dedicated exclusively to cybersecurity, with extensive expertise, know-how and talent.

We are specialists in ethical hacking, CSOC-managed cybersecurity and CISOaaS. Our motto: “Monitor and dissuade while we build”.

We also design advanced cybersecurity strategic systems, properly aligned with the business processes of our clients.

All this allows us to develop our own solutions, fully transferable to SMEs with no consolidation in terms of cybersecurity.


Ethical Hacking

We evaluate the cybersecurity level of your systems

WISE Security offers an Ethical Hacking service backed by specialized and experienced professionals. This service aims to evaluate the security level of the systems analyzed and the company’s exposure to risk regarding the assets included in the scope of the review.

24*7 Managed Cybersecurity

Early warning systems

From our CSOC we monitor the IT activity of each client, to prevent any cyber attack or security breach. We design and implement early warning systems. And with our Net Alarm solution, we ensure the cybersecurity of your company at a minimum investment.

CISO as a Service

Tailored Management of your company’s Cybersecurity

Based on our motto “Monitor and dissuade while we build”, the figure of CISO as a Service was born: a cybersecurity model designed by WISE and adaptable to any risk scenario in the company.
Implementation of a service for the protection of information and IT assets that guarantees security.


We monitor and dissuade while we build



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